Monday, June 20, 2016

Seed, Revenue and Liquidity

Fire will be revenue-generating. The goal is not to inflate the valuation or showcase IP for a quick exit, but to build a self-sustaining ecosystem of free and premium users with demonstrable value-added for individuals, communities, and businesses, small and large, local and diasporic.

To not aim for an early exit means both posturing in the long term for IPO (or otherwise restructuring ownership among interests so that equity holders recoup their investments and monetize gains), and posturing in the short term for self-sustaining, scalable revenue generation.

Revenue streams from the Fire web application will include:
  • Advertising
    • An in-house advertising platform will contextually and geographically match promoters and content providers with their target audience.
    • Fire will provide demonstrable ROI for advertisers.
  • Premium features
    • In addition to the full-featured free version of the service, premium users will enjoy full audio and video capabilities, expanded service functionality, hosted topics, and a variety of cosmetic enhancements and bonus features.
    • Fire premium features will balance utility with luxury.
  • Partnerships and integrated services
    • As a 'communicative hub' and 'social media aggregation' service, Fire will provide plug-in functionality for other web services, and an audience/platform for other services to showcase their functionality. Establishing such relationships within the 'web space' will be mutually beneficial.
    • Fire will encourage cross-functionality/cross-compatibility and foster cooperation among web services.

Majority ownership will be retained, and include portions for options and progressive causes. The remaining equity will be used to raise funding, establish partnerships, and include a portion for an 'early adopter' friends and family fund which will serve as Fire’s 'financial seed'.